Who loves big hair? We all do right!
I feel like I have tried and tested a fair share of hair tools, and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite buys! I will explain why I like each one x

I have also added 2 videos for you to see how I curl my hair in case you missed this on my YouTube channel!

Favourite Hairs Tools :

  • GHD Classic Curling Iron 26mm – £129.00 – This is my most used hair tool especially for clients, I use this to achieve super sleek flawless curls and waves!! This is now my 3rd one, haha I literally am obsessed
  • 24k Gold Salon Curling Irons Hot Tools 19mm – £70.00 – This I feel is one of my cheeky curling irons, its so versatile and one that is super easy to use yourself.
  • Aria Curling Wand 26mm – £150.00 – If you struggle to curl your own hair this is defiantly a tool that made curling my hair super easy which gives you lovely soft curls!
  • GHD Straighteners – £109.00 – This an investment you will never go wrong with, I was lucky enough to have my first GHD’s when I was 15 years old and wow ! I had never seen anything like it. Definitely a buy that will literally last ages.
  • Windle London Mini Straightening irons – £30.00 – If your someone who struggles with stubborn baby hairs! This is magic, I literally use this to straighten my hair but I love that you can literally get super close to your hairline and not worry about burning yourself!